Upcoming shows:


20/5 Juzi, Göttingen, GER


21/5, Fabrique im Gängeviertel Hamburg, GER


1/6 Muskelrock festival, SWE


29/9 Huskvarna Rock & Art Weekend, SWE





Live video - DEATH ROLL

Recorded at Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg (SWE) the 26th of August 2016.

"Death roll" is a new song that will appear on upcoming album.




Let us introduce the new members of Tyranex.

Welcome to the band Pontus and Majsan!










































Tyranex nominated to Swedish National Radio P3 Gold!


Are you into raw and dirty metal in the style of

DESTRUCTION and VENOM? If the answer is yes then you

will love Swedish thrash monsters TYRANEX!


The band are now nominated to Swedish National Radio

P3 Gold!


Fronted by female leadguitarist & singer Linnea Landstedt

who after hearing Megadeth album “Countdown To

Countdown” decided how to spend her future, playing

guitar, fast technical and hard.


The bands new album got rave reviews in all important

metal press and after a sold out show at the legendary

Club Pussy a Go Go the band are hot contenders to be

the next Swedish metal export.


Tyranex is real, oldschool speed metal with an attitude.

The answer to the metalheads urge.


Tyranex are now confirmed for Muskelrocken!


Everyone can vote but the site is in swedish.

Bands nominated in category Rock/Metal: Tyranex, At the gates, Spiders, Crucified Barbara and Gravmaskin.


If you like to VOTE: visit

Click on the artists you like to vote for, then press the button "Rösta med facebook" (vote with facebook) down at the site. Done!





Releasedate 10/10-2014

Vinyl and CD























11/10 RELEASEPARTY "UNABLE TO TAME", The Liffey, Stockholm









































För några veckor sen gjorde Linnea och Johannes en intervju för P3 Rock,

denna sänds imorgon kväll kl 22.00.

Dessutom kommer flera av våra låtar från nya plattan Unable To Tame att spelas.


A few weeks ago Linnea and Johannes made an interview with

Swedish radio P3 Rock, this will be on the air tomorrow night at 22.00.

Songs from our new record Unable To Tame will also be played.


Link to listen online:


Unable to tame releasedate 10/10

Releaseparty: The Liffey, Gamla Stan 11/10






Idag åker halva Tyranex till Stockholm för en radiointervju med P3 ROCK! Programmet sänds på en lördag framöver. Vi återkommer med datum.


Nu är det dags att massera stämbanden.





Tomorrow 23/8, radio P3 ROCK will play 2 of our songs from our upcoming album "UNABLE TO TAME".






Album Teaser








New gigs announced! We will play 2 gigs this summer so far... !


Västerås Cityfestival - our first gig in Västerås city. There will be an outdoor stage at Munkgatan where we will play. Doesn't cost you ANYTHING to come and see us!


Motala Thrashfest - we are honoured to play at this awesome night in Motala, the first edition of this festival! Other bands are Havok, Conflagrator, Miasmal, Death Before Dishonor, FKÛ, Vanhelgd and Nekrokraft.

Click to buy your ticket!




Creating a record takes time.... well our new record is done

but all of you out there who's in a band know it takes time to get it out.

Just so you know we haven't forgot the new record of Tyranex and

I surely hope that you haven't forgot that we recorded one...??!!!


When I talked to the great businessmen of music (who is still a secret)

they said we should expect to have a releasedate someday this autumn, august '

or maybe september but I'll get back to you on that ofcourse.






Thanks for all the support you gave us yesterday at Rocks! We had an amazing evening!


Though this gig was announced with very short notice we really appreciate that so many of you left your homes to come and hang with us instead! It's always good to see you!

Many thanks to alla the heavy metal headbangers, Rocks, Paranorm and the swedish thrash metal elite!


For those of you who wasn't there or for those of you who want t re-live the night check out the videos posted on our facebook site.


Take care of your necks today!





New gig added. We will play with Paranorm this friday 14/3 at Rocks in Stockholm.



Hello!!! We are currently working on our new album that will be named.... well it's still a secret but we'll let you know in time.

All songs has been recorded and mixed. We're waiting for the cover artwork, layout and mastering.

You'll get more info later.